When it comes to broken tempered, rear or side car glass, give us a call first. We can guide you through the process of what to do or where to go. Unfortunately, whenever someone needs rear or side glass replacement, it is usually due to vandalism or theft, so trying to find a reputable and affordable auto glass repair shop can add more stress to an already overwhelming time. We understand you are having a bad day already and do our best to be fast, friendly and fair.

Regardless of the reason why you need replacement glass, you can trust the Autofocus Glass team to take care of your car as if it belonged to one of our own family members.

Because rear windscreen panels are typically glued into the frame of the vehicle and not mechanically fastened, it is common for these parts to be much more expensive and more difficult to acquire in a used or recycled state. Often rear windshield replacements become insurance claims due to cost of parts versus deductibles. We understand how inconvenient this can be, especially if the repairs are already putting an unexpected strain on your finances.

When you come to us, we will do our best to source the most affordable glass, and we will always charge a fair price for the work.

Rear Glass

Rear glass repair and replacement is typically considered the least common type of auto glass Kelowna car owners will need, and this may drive the price up at some locations. In most cases, we offer prices on rear windshields replacement Kelowna car owners won’t be able to find at another shop, so don’t hesitate to fill out our auto glass quote request form.

Side Glass

Side glass repairs are somewhat more common than rear glass repairs, and they are often needed in response to theft or vandalism, which often makes them more burdensome and inconvenient to deal with.

When you come to us for side glass work, we will make every effort to complete the job as quickly as possible while maintaining our quality standards. If we are unable to immediately replace the glass, we will clean up any residual glass fragments for your safety and place a sturdy, temporary wrap over the window to seal it until a replacement can be installed.