As a certified Glass Express Repair Facility, we can answer many of your most common questions regarding insurance coverage, claims procedures and how your rates are affected by using comprehensive insurance. 
Did you know if you are purchasing a used vehicle from a private owner, it may be possible to have the windshield replaced through their valid comprehensive coverage after you transfer ownership? We are able to confirm coverage, assess damage and initiate a claim before purchase is completed, and then you have one week to complete windshield replacement and related ADAS calibrations.
We provide comprehensive covered rock chip repairs Kelowna car owners count on, and we also provide direct billing for glass claims.
Drivers should be aware that any windshield repair claims made under comprehensive coverage do not affect their ICBC discount levels, which means that there are no rate hikes associated with making a glass repair claim. In some cases, insurance companies do limit the number of windshield replacement claims that can be made within a given span of time. Exceeding this number makes it more likely that your insurance provider will choose to raise your deductible.


About Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers vehicle damage caused by any of the following:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Hail
  • Falling or flying objects

When you choose your plan, you also choose a deductible amount that you must pay before your insurance provider will cover the remaining amount. Your deductible can be found in your insurance plan information, but typically it’s $300 for side and back glass claims and drops to $200 for windshield replacements on the best ICBC plan. There are other options for your collision and comprehensive coverages, and we highly recommend evaluating what each has to offer. BCAA and Family Insurance Solutions both offer accident forgiveness and low to ZERO Deductibles for glass coverage.

For windshield rock chip repairs, with comprehensive insurance, drivers do not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses or be concerned about increased rates. It is wise to have small chips repaired quickly in order to save money on a complete windshield replacement.

It is important to note that drivers who live in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are required to buy liability insurance from their respective province’s government-run insurance company. Comprehensive insurance may be purchased from either a government-led company like ICBC or a private insurer, but it is not required. Feel free to give us a call before you renew for some advice.