In general, comprehensive auto insurance policies will cover the cost of small windshield chip repairs. As an ICBC Glass Express Shop, Autofocus Glass Inc. can not only process claims with most insurance companies, but we can also direct bill Glass claims so that you do not have to acquire pre-approval.

ICBC Windshield Repair Program

The ICBC windshield repair program can be a bit confusing for anyone who is not in the automotive industry. To make the process as simple as possible, let us assess the damage and tell you whether your glass is eligible for “Free” repairs.

According to the ICBC policy, a maximum of three damaged areas may be repaired per claim. There is no current limit to the number of claims that drivers can make within a given policy period, but there are limits to what can be repaired versus what must be replaced.

Generally speaking, any chips that are larger than a loonie or directly within a driver’s line of sight will require glass replacement and cannot be safely repaired.

If you’re unsure about the extent of the damage to your auto glass, don’t hesitate to call or contact us for assistance.

Crack Repair

Crack repairs are not covered by current automobile insurance plans. In general, this is because crack repairs are often just a short-term fix that will ultimately lead to a full glass replacement. Unless the crack is incredibly small or thin, you will need a glass replacement sooner rather than later in order to continue driving safely.

There are special circumstances where our team can temporarily fix a larger crack.

Cracked windshields are a danger to you, your passengers and your fellow drivers, so don’t wait for small cracks to worsen before calling us. Stop by or fill out a quote request form so that we can help you get back to driving safely.